Friday, July 1, 2011

Trashed House=Fun, Summer Days

You know you have had a great summer day when you have swimming suits, towels, sunscreen, beach bag, and sunglasses laying on the laundry room floor. That is what our laundry room looks like today. We have had a great day with friends. Brooklynn and Savanna have been wanting to play with Landon for a while now so we decided today would be a perfect day for that. We went to the pool and had a wonderful time. Those girls are such cuties. They showed us all of their tricks in the pool. We played many games and had a blast! Landon jumped in at least fifty times so my arms are a little sore. The days of just laying out by the pool are over when you have kids. I was in the pool with them the whole time. Laughing, talking, swallowing water, getting splashed, and doing dead man floats. After we got done swimming we ran a quick errand and then came back to the sand volleyball courts to play in the sand. Even though they are girls, they loved to dig in the sand.

I told them that we would take them to dinner tonight. They got their showers and got all dressed up in their sun dresses. Darling! I definitely got my girl fix today. They are some of the sweetest girls. Their hearts are full of compassion and love. Their parents are wonderful and are great friends of ours. We took them to Braums afterwards and had ice cream. What a great start to a fun, holiday, three day weekend! More fun things in store for our family this weekend!

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