Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Lovin', Camp, and More!

I just got back from student camp at the lake and boy was it great! I was just texting a friend and telling her that every year it totally renews my love for students and our volunteers. It was such a refreshing time for me personally to get away and enjoy some alone time without the kids as well as grow in my relationship with the Lord. My parents had a wonderful time with the boys and taught them all kinds of new tricks. I didn't stay in a room with girls this year, but I did get to stay with our girls associate and her sister. We had a wonderful time. Those girls keep me young and I am blessed to know them. We stayed up way too late and I am still paying for it. This 34 year old body can't handle many late nights. I forgot to get a picture of us three, but we are really cute! Ha!

Nate was off yesterday and today. He is recovering from camp and getting some much needed rest time. We have enjoyed him being home and are not happy about him going back to work tomorrow.

We have a busy end of week/weekend ahead! Lots of fun! Looking forward to date night with some student workers on Friday night and then a fun Saturday. I didn't take many pictures while I was gone, but here are a few.

My friend Robin on the boat

Alli and me

Matt and us. He was our camp speaker this year and is a college friend of ours.

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