Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Camping Motor Home Style

Last weekend my parents were in Branson with their motor home. Aka, their second home. We were never "campers" growing up. In fact, I have never been fishing. Does that surprise you? It doesn't me. I was a city girl. I grew up in a suburb of St. Louis. We didn't camp. My definition of roughing it was a hotel room with a bed. Does that make me high maintenance? Don't answer that question.

The campgrounds were very nice. It had multiple parks, a huge indoor and outdoor swimming pool, an activity center, etc. We enjoyed hamburgers on the grill with all the fixings to go with it and of course strawberry dessert. It was nice to get away for the day and enjoy time with Gigi and Papa. The boys fell in love with their motor home so I see many other "camping" trips in the future.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday's Sermon

Today was a great day at our church. The worship was amazing and God was really working on some people this morning. That is an amazing thing to witness.

We are covering the book of James for a while at our church. I love the book of James. It is probably the oldest book in the New Testament. We see in the book of James a challenge to us as believers to not just "talk the talk," but to "walk the walk." We covered the first half of James 2 today. Andy (our teaching pastor) focused on favoritism. Do we show favorites? Absolutely we do! We show favorites in a lot of areas of our life. My mind kept rolling with so many ideas for him to speak about. My mind never does this. It was kind of a distraction. His main points were very good, but I wanted him to go deeper with some of them. I told Nate I should have preached the sermon. :-) I am anxious to talk to Nate more about this as we only touched briefly on it this afternoon. I think what I like most about this book is that it is black and white with so many issues us as Christians struggle with. It's plain and simple. I like that.

Are you showing favoritism in the workplace? In your friendships? In yourself?

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Remember when I recommended going over to happenings of our home and entering into a giveaway? Well, guess who won? I won an adorable "Fall" sign made out of burlap. She is so creative and fun! She even has her own "craft room." Holly is a friend of mine from Kansas City. Her husband Jared and I worked together at Hallmark Cards, Inc. when Nate and I lived in Kansas City. Check out her blog and leave a comment! Thank you Holly! I love it!

Landon is out of school tomorrow. The three boys will be spending the day together getting haircuts, playing outside at the park, and maybe a picnic. I have aerobics, work, and lunch with a friend. Also, I want to continue my search for more jeans. Do any of you have a favorite brand/store you buy? Please share!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Sharing!

My youngest Liam is 16 months old. We are entering into the toddler phase. With that toddler phase comes a whole new personality. Liam enjoys having Derrick over two days a week to play. They are both on the same schedule and enjoy each others company. This week though has presented many challenges for this Mom. Liam has started screaming if Derrick even comes near something of Liam's. He will scream and do the sign for "share." It's like he knows I am going to tell him to stop screaming and to share. Each time Liam does that, I remove Liam from the situation and say "We share" and move him to the couch for a little time-out or break. Landon was always the child who let everyone take things away from him and never complain. So, this is all new to me. Any advice out there?? I would love to have some! Am I doing this right? I find myself asking this question a lot.

In other news, Nate has been battling a bad migrane for a couple of days now. I made him a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Hopefully he can get a few answers. I can tell it is really bothering him.

Landon is starting gymnastics on Friday. I am so excited for him to start! It's going to be from 6-7 p.m. every Friday evening. I am excited for all that they are going to learn. I am only allowing one sport at a time as our schedule is non-stop. Landon's music teacher came out to my car after school today and told me how he was doing in music class. She told me that he LOVES it and is picking up on so many of the songs. It's very interactive so that is right up his alley. He usually sings and does the motions for some of the songs they have been doing on the way home from school daily. It's so fun to look in my rear view mirror and see him learning so much. Makes my heart happy.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Few Random Points

*We had a great weekend! Beautiful weather. I worked on getting all of my "stuff" together for the Just Between Friends sale. I am a consignor again. It's a lot of work but when you see how much money you can make, it is worth it. I always question myself during the "getting ready" process though.

*I went jeans shopping on Friday. Why do we dread that shopping trip as women? Ugh! I did find a pair from Maurices and American Eagle. I am trying to stay away from my favorite kind at the Buckle. I can get three pairs of jeans for the price of one if I do.

*Have you joined the group on Facebook called Crockpot Girls? I did. I have a few of their recipes on my menu for this week.

*Landon is enjoying Kindergarten. They are taking their first field trip tomorrow. I am excited for him!

*Liam is 16 months and talking so much! I am amazed at all the words and signs he says and does. We are so thankful!

*I had my first Ministers Wives Bible study on Friday. We are going through a study called "In Your Shoes." It's an amazing book and we are all excited to dive into this book together.

*Lastly, go on over to happenings of our home at http://happeningsofourhome.blo Holly is a friend of mine and is doing a giveaway on her blog!! So cute!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A to Z About Me

{a} age ::29 and holding
{b} bed size :: Queen
{c} chore you hate :: Ironing
{d} dogs :: None
{e} essential start to your day :: go potty, make breakfast for everyone, and brush my teeth!
{f} favorite color :: I really don't have a favorite...I just don't care for yellow.
{g} gold or silver :: Both
{h} height :: 5'7
{i} instruments you play :: Flute
{j} job title ::SAHM (stay at home Mom), RM for Hallmark Cards, Inc.
{k} kids ::Landon (5) and Liam (1)
{l} live :: Missouri
{m} maiden name :: Bales
{n} nicknames :: "Care Bear" and "Curious Kari" (Nate calls me "Curious Kari because I ask a lot of questions.)
{o} overnight hospital stays :: Yes, with two c-sections.
{p} pet peeve :: Well, I really don't care for fakeness. I tend to stick to real people that aren't into the "status quo." I don't like it when people put worldly possessions in front of things that really matter like time, a relationship, family, etc.

{q} quote :: "Because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance." James 1:3
{r} righty or lefty :: Righty.
{s} siblings :: None! (Yes, I am an only child but I was never spoiled!)
{t} time you wake up :: 6:15-6:30 a.m.
{u} university attended :: Hannibal LaGrange University
{v} vegetables you dislike :: Peas and celery
{w} what makes you run late :: Myself!
{x} x-rays you’ve had :: Just x-rays on my teeth once a year.
{y} yummy food :: Chips and salsa, Pizza, Lasagna, Grilled Chicken, anything that I don't have to cook!
{z} zoo animal favorite :: Of course the giraffes!

*Okay, it's your turn! I tag Eccentric Emilee, Happenings Of Our Home, Always Ashlyn,Just Miss Jess, and Like a Thread.

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Life in Pictures

It has been a fun couple of weeks! I don't have much time to write tonight but just wanted to share some pictures!

Celebrating Katie's 30th birthday! (So young!)

Katie's friends

Liam and Derrick at Derrick's 1st birthday party!

Me and Katie

Liam and his buddies..Larry the cucumber and Bob the tomato

Derrick and Liam (I have started keeping Derrick two days a week! They play so well together!)

Me and Baby Lincoln (4 weeks old)

The Adler's, Dennis's, and Bock's! Date night out!