Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boo Boo

Well, the first ever phone call came from Nate this evening while I was out at the library. It went something like this, "Kari, come home quick! Liam just fell flat on his face and now has a fat lip and a busted up nose!" Keep in mind, I am in the middle of checking a few things out for Landon and my library card is not working. GRR!!! So, I just said forget it, I will have to come back tomorrow. Then, he calls again. "I got him calmed down. I don't think he will need stitches. Go ahead and do what you were doing." I was halfway home at this point. Is it sad to think I knew he would be fine and that I really didn't need to rush home? I think it's because Liam is my second child and I am much more relaxed with him. When I got home he did want to cuddle so we enjoyed cuddle time. Love that boy.

Nate is off on a "man date" tonight with a couple of buddies. They are watching the movie True Grit. I have no desire to see that movie so I am glad he can have some "man time."

I got to enjoy lunch with Mary and Emilee Garrison this week. They had never been to Beth's Bake Shoppe. We enjoyed each other and Liam ended it with a bang aka a poopy diaper! I guess he liked the chicken salad a little too much.

Landon has really enjoyed his summer camp the last few weeks! This week is science week so he has brought home some very interesting projects. I am so proud of how much he is growing. He has made some new friends that we will have to play with soon.

How many of you are looking forward to the cooler weather? I know I am! Happy weekend to everyone!

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