Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th Weekend!

I have loved reading all of the July blog posts. We are truly in the heat of summer and I love it! I still can't believe we are into the month of July.

We had a great weekend here at home. We had a lot of things planned and loved every bit of it. It started off with swimming. Landon is getting to be such a fish in the water. He is getting more brave as he gets older. Liam on the other hand isn't really interested in it much. He likes to walk around the water and play in it but not actually get into the pool. We are going to try splash time again tomorrow with our friends Abi and Mya. We will see how that goes.

On Saturday we played outside, went to the park, and played with our neighbor friends. Saturday evening Nate and I had a wedding. Karla Thrasher and her girls watched our boys for us for the evening. They had a blast! The wedding was for two of our former students. One of them from Kansas City and one of them from here. They met when they were interning in our student ministry and the rest is history. The wedding was wonderful and very unique. I should have gotten more pictures of all the decorations but I didn't.

On Sunday we got together over at the Lamberson's house. Liz and I went to eat dinner together while Nate and Dave kept the kids. We both had fun and enjoyed new friendships. Again, I forgot my camera. Ugh!

On Monday we enjoyed time as a family. Landon and I ran some errands and played at the park for a while. The cul de sac began getting ready for the big firework show that our neighbor does. He spends at least $500 on fireworks. So, we enjoy a nice show in our driveway. The boys were so tired and couldn't stay up for them. They slept through it all. I don't know how, but they did. I was amazed!

Summer is my favorite season! Happy July to you!

Some of the best student workers! (and Emilee)

Bride and Groom

Nate and his good friend, Tim

My handsome date!

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