Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Lovin'

What a fun summer it has been! I was just talking with a friend tonight on how fast the summer is going. I can't believe Friday is July 1st. Landon's last day of summer school is tomorrow and he will be starting his summer camp next Tuesday. Time flies when you are having fun!

Last night was a fun but sad night. We celebrated one of our friends, Julianne. Julianne got accepted into a doctorate speech pathologist program in Minnesota. Her husband is already working up there. Julianne was such a blessing to our family. She was Landon's speech therapist this past school year. She loved Landon like her own and worked so hard with him. We celebrated at the Olive Garden last night with Katie and Melissa. It was such a fun girls night out celebrating our friendship. We will get to see Julianne one more time but then she moves on to bigger things. I am blessed to know her and her family. I know she will do so many great things in her future. What an ambitious person!

My usual "hump day" was a little different. Liam and I went to splash time at Nixa Community Center. We went with our friends Katie and Derrick. Derrick was like a little fish in the water. So funny! Liam was very timid and took a while to warm up to the water. He LOVES bath time so I am not really sure why he was so timid. I think it had to do with him not really having his morning nap. He was so tired. All in all he did great and the boys had fun. Afterwards we went to a little tea room in Nixa called Lola's and had lunch. I love that Liam has a little friend his age. They are just four months apart in age so that makes it fun.

Tonight one of our babysitters came over to hang out with Landon while Liam and I ran some errands. Landon had a meltdown when she left because he wanted to go home with her. It's been a very stressful night since. Then, I realized he lost his front tooth on the top! That makes four teeth he has lost. I can't find the tooth anywhere! I explained to him that the tooth fairy can't really come if we don't have the tooth. We have searched everywhere. His third tooth he swallowed so who knows. What an evening.

Off to bigger things....LAUNDRY!

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