Monday, July 25, 2011

Much Love for Monday

In my working outside of the home days, Mondays were such a drag to me. I dreaded Sunday nights because I was generally getting ready for the next work week. Now that I don't have to be anywhere on Mondays, they aren't such a drag. In fact, I look forward to them because I am catching up from the busyness of the weekend. My house usually is out of order and by Monday evening, I have it put back together again. I can't stand a messy house. I always have to pick up at the end of each day.

Last Thursday some of the staff wives at our church got together at our pastor's house. They have a very nice house on some acres with a nice pool. We enjoyed bringing the kids and swimming. We all brought finger foods to eat and snack on. It's always nice to hang out with each other as we all have similar lifestyles. All the kids played well together and we had a good time chatting. We hope to continue getting together as all of our schedules are hectic.

Friday I went into work for a while and got a lot done. I also got all my errands done without kids which always goes ten times faster. On Friday evening, we went to D'Arpino's with the Thrasher family. They have an incoming 7th grader and a 9th grader. We enjoyed chatting and laughing together as Ken kept us laughing.

Saturday I went to aerobics class and then came home to get ready for work again. Both girls that service the store are on vacation so I told them I would work for them. I got the department looking awesome and then went on home. We went to the mall Saturday night with the kids to get some Bath and Body soap and a new watch for Nate. It's pretty cool! We ended up finding it at the Buckle of all places. I should have taken a picture of it but he is wearing it today so I can't.

Here's much love to you on this Monday!

Sarah, me, Becky, Debbie, and Abi

The Thrasher and Bock Family


  1. I have never been to that restaurant! Will have to try!

  2. I actually like Mondays too! I thought I was probably the only one, haaa