Monday, August 8, 2011

Poor, Neglected Blog

I guess it has been a a crazy week! I have neglected my blog and I don't like it! We have sure had many "documenting" things happen in the past seven days. I think I will start with last week and then leave this past weekend for a separate post.

Oh, what a week. The week started off very well. Liam and I got to enjoy lunch with our friends Abi, Anabelle, and Mya at Lola's Tea Room. Our kids were perfect as usual and it was very peaceful. We had great conversations about parenting and discipline. It's nice to have friends in your life with like-minded ways to raise a family. I love having conversations with other Moms about our season of life. It's always refreshing to hear that you aren't alone in this whole parenting thing. It is seriously one of the hardest things I have ever encountered in my life. I just pray I am doing it right and that my boys see Jesus in me and understand what real life is all about. Not the toys, T.V, vacations, clothes, etc. I want Landon and Liam to know that Jesus loves them above all else and that serving Him and doing things for the Kingdom is the most fruitful and beneficial for their lives.

Then comes Thursday morning. Nate and I were doing our usual morning routine with the boys. Landon was already done eating so he was just relaxing and looking at books. Liam was sitting in his highchair finishing up his breakfast. Nate went ahead and got Landon's medicine out and in his applesauce for him to swallow. As he spooned the applesauce he turned to the wrong boy and gave it to Liam. My heart panicked. I immediately got on the phone to call poison control. Nate gave him a very low dose of anxiety medication and another low dose of attention medicine which is also used for high blood pressure in kids and adults. Nate was a complete mess. In the eleven years we have been married, I have never seen him be so upset. It was such an honest mistake. We were just doing our normal routine and he just wasn't thinking straight. I didn't even have to say anything because I didn't want to make him feel any worse than he did.

After talking with the nurse at poison control, she wanted us to go ahead and take him to the ER so that he could be admitted. My heart sank. She never said that he would be okay or gave me any indication that it would all turn out just fine. Nate rushed out the door with Liam and I stayed back to get Landon ready for summer camp. After dropping Landon off, I rushed on over. Liam was already back in a room and crying. They were hooking him up to an IV and all these heart monitors. It was the worse thing to walk into. After about 5 minutes, I had to leave the room. I just lost it. I was balling and balling. I couldn't be strong. I couldn't do anything. Finally, Liam went on to sleep. The medication was making him very out of it and very drowsy.

After a couple of hours the pediatric doctor came in to speak with us and see Liam. She said words to us that I will never forget. "He is going to be okay!" The first thing out of my mouth was "Thank you Jesus." I meant those three words like I have never meant them before in my entire life. She was very comforting and very encouraging after Nate feeling very stupid and dumb. She told him that she has seen this many times and to not beat himself up so much. She could tell he was very distraught about it all. His face was white as a sheet.

Right after the doctor left, they wanted Liam to drink charcoal. Instead of pumping stomachs anymore they like for patients with overdoses to drink this stuff. It was black and nasty! We diluted it with chocolate milk and Liam drank it right up. It was to absorb anything else that was left of the medication to get in his blood stream.

After the first four hours, it was determined that they wanted to monitor his heart rate and blood pressure even longer. Liam would be staying overnight and hooked up to these monitors for the next 16 hours. We were suppose to leave for St. Louis that evening but obviously plans changed. My Mom ended up coming to help us and I was so thankful she was there. I wanted her to be here. I was scared. A Mom needs her Mom when she feel like this. :-)

Liam did fine and wasn't sick from the medication at all. His blood pressure got a little low but then went back to normal. There will be no lasting effects from this happening. I hope and pray you never have to go through something like this. Very scary for a 15 month old baby to endure. I didn't take any pictures as this was very traumatic for me. I actually don't want to remember this but thought I needed to document anyways.

We left the hospital about 10:00 on Friday morning. I told Nate it felt like I had just had a baby with being in a hospital bed and up every couple of hours. Thank you to everyone that sent texts, came by, and called. We felt the love. Here is my sweet, healthy baby.


  1. Oh my goodness, Kari! How frightening! I am so glad little Liam is okay. Praise the Lord!

  2. I'm praising the Lord with you my friend. WOW! Tell Nate, I've given Parker 5ML instead of 1ML before...know the feeling! God is sweet to hug us so close during these times!

  3. Oh Kari, my heart just sank reading this. So thankful Liam is ok. Poor Nate, I can only imagine how he must have felt! Hope ya'll were able to rest this weekend! Love you all

  4. Kari, I'm so glad Liam is okay. I know as a mom things happen and we just have to trust in Jesus to see us through them. I'm so glad you were able to get away to St. Louis and I know that was wonderful medicine for Nate to be with Tom & Rhonda Hufty. You and Nate are wonderful parents, don't forget that. We love you. Nancy