Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hot Houston

Last Thursday, Liam and I packed our bags and headed to Houston, Texas! I booked this trip right after I was done nursing Liam. It was my reward to myself for lasting a full year with breastfeeding. At first I was just going to go by myself to see some friends but after stewing over leaving Liam, I just couldn't do it. So, that's why Liam tagged along. :-) To say we had fun is an understatement. Liam was the best little traveler. He didn't cry one time after missing many naps and just rolled with the punches. I was so blessed and thankful. I had never flown by myself so it was a new adventure. We made it with no problems and my friend Rachel was there to meet us. Nick and Rachel are dear friends of ours from Kansas City. We went to the same church and did "life" with them. Nick recently accepted at position at Houston's First Baptist Church as the Director of Productions. He is loving his new gig! They have four beautiful children that were great entertainment for Liam. He was loving the extra attention! I got to tour the church, eat some great mexican food, shop, play games, stay up late, swim, and talk about old times. It was truly a nice getaway and very relaxing. I didn't take as many pictures as I should have, but here are a few.


  1. Glad you got to get away. And glad you have a good little traveler!

  2. glad it was a great trip!!! time for a new post!! :)))