Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kindergarten Transition Meeting

This post is really not interesting just to warn you. I am solely doing this for Landon's scrapbook. :-)

Thank you to all who prayed for me. I could tell I had many people praying. On Thursday, June 2nd we had Landon's Kindergarten transition meeting. It was very long. Four hours to be exact. Time flew by. It started off by everyone introducing themselves around the table and then on to review the evaluation that was done on Landon. As we looked at some of his scores, it was hard. I knew from our Fragile X conference that it would be like this. To see your child not fall into the category of "normal" is hard. Landon's case manager and process coordinator did very well. They read the evaluation and then we talked about Landon and painted a picture of Landon to the other people around that table. I invited my dear friend Katie Hensler who is also Landon's private speech therapist. I was SO thankful she was there. She works for the school district but was also Landon's advocate. She did an amazing job. She thought of things to say that I wouldn't have. She described Landon in her own words that really painted the picture of him. I think we got across who he was to the others.

In our school district, not every elementary school is supported with intense special education. Landon's home school is one of those schools therefore they were recommending another school close by for him. At first, we weren't sold on the idea. After many questions that were answered, we were feeling like the school close by was for him. The meeting ended with still so many unanswered questions wondering in my mind. After laying awake for the second night in a row, I called the process coordinator that morning. She contacted the principal of the other school to see if I could come over and talk with her, meet the teachers, and see the classrooms. I am so thankful I did that. It confirmed that he is suppose to be there. I am very excited but very nervous at the same time for Landon to start Kindergarten. I know it will be a hard adjustment but with time, he will do great. We are already praying for a great year.


  1. that was a cute first sentence! Of course it was interesting!! I'm glad that you made it in time on the last of school to see the the school's program!

  2. That is the important thing... not necessarily "where" he is placed but whether or not you as parents feel good about the placement. Good job!