Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sick Day

I have not felt well all day. Landon had a little bug on Sunday and I think I have caught the bug. I didn't go anywhere today except to pick up Landon from summer school. I had one of those "bad Mom" days where I didn't play much with the boys and laid down on the couch. That isn't my personality at all. I am starting to feel better and hope to be back to eating tomorrow.

Speaking of eating, Nate went to the doctor last week for a physical. He didn't get a good report at all. He has high cholesterol and slightly elevated blood pressure. So, he is at the store right now buying "low sodium" foods and getting back on a healthy lifestyle. He will also renew his gym membership and start swimming again. He can kick this. He just hasn't made the best choices in the last year in his diet. I am glad he is taking this serious and doing the right thing.

Last night I celebrated with my friend April and some of her friends at Macaroni Grill for her birthday. It was a fabulous time. I always enjoy getting out of the house with great girlfriends and having great conversation. It's nice to talk to other Mom's about different things and bounce ideas off of each other.


  1. I look like a barge!!! haaaaa. hope everything comes out better tomorrow! We have tons of Lipitor at our house if Nate needs any!

  2. I love Macaroni Grill!! Also, I think one day soon andrew will be getting the same report from his doctor. He claims he's "healthy as a horse" but I know it will catch up with him soon!

  3. GEt well soon. And I enjoyed catching up on all the latest :)