Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birthday Festivities

What a fun day we had yesterday celebrating our baby Liam. I did blog about his story but I thought I would share about what we did yesterday for him. His party isn't until mid May because of busy schedules, but we made yesterday a perfect day. Since Nate was gone half of last week, he went ahead and worked. I originally wanted him to take a day of vacation but since he was taking Landon to the zoo with his school friends today, he decided he better work.

We did our normal daily routine by getting Landon off to school, playing, napping, picking Landon up from school, eating lunch, playing, napping and then finally CELEBRATING! I made cupcakes to bring to our favorite mexican restaurant. Remember, it's Monday night. This Mommy doesn't cook on Monday nights. We celebrated with one of Landon's best buds Weston. Weston's birthday is today so I had two good reasons to make delicious cupcakes. We were a zoo as usual at the restaurant but enjoyed laughing, eating, and over-indulging in chips and salsa. I will now show you the rest of the story in pictures.

Waking up from his morning nap.

Happy Boy!

I am one!

Sweet Liam.

Weston opening up his birthday gift from us.

Liam holding on to his card for dear life.

He wasn't too sure about the cupcake. We will try again at his party.

I like the icing!

Sweet friends.

What a fun day!

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