Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Birthday Blessings

As everyone has heard we have experienced devastation here in the Springfield area. A tornado came through Joplin, MO that was almost 7 miles long. Devastation is an understatement. If you haven't seen the pictures or video's on the internet I highly recommend you look. This happened on Sunday evening, May 22nd. Please pray for so many that are without their families and friends.

I turned 34 on Monday. Yes, I am admitting my age on the world wide web. Crazy, I know. It was a great birthday because of everything I have to be thankful for and everything I have been blessed with. I do have to admit though that it was a hard day. It was gloomy and the thoughts of devastation in Joplin hung over me the entire day. I spent some time in the afternoon in the Word and praying. The Lord put a lot of things in perspective for me that day. Do you ever get in those moods of "woe is me?" I was in one that day and was quickly steered away from that attitude. I am thankful for that twenty five minutes I had with the Lord before Landon and Liam woke up from their naps.

On a brighter note, birthday celebration is coming on Friday evening with some great girlfriends and I can't wait for it! Every Mom needs a GNO once in a while!

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  1. I had a hard time processing the devastation in Joplin too. It's so heavy! Glad you got some solid time with the Lord on your special day. That makes such a difference! Love you!