Sunday, April 24, 2011

Christ is Risen!

Happy Easter to everyone! What a great day. I hope you got to worship our Savior this morning at your church. We had a great morning of worship and great day of family time. Usually my parents are here this weekend but since they are coming on Thursday they decided to wait until then.

We had a long to-do list this weekend. I am happy to report everything got done except cleaning our closet and getting the lawn mowed. The rain kept Nate from mowing and laziness kept us both from purging things from our closet. I am ready to just give it all away! I mean how many shoes can a girl really have? I am ready to simplify.

Last night we had the Krenn family over to dye Easter eggs. What fun!! I think the best part though is getting to eat the hard boiled egg! Ha! We had some pretty eggs after we were done. Ava was more interested in going downstairs to play. She is so cute. She lets me get my girl fix since I am in a house of all boys.

I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter!

Nate, Ava, and Liam

The Mom's and their boys

Louis the instructor

Weston hard at work

Liam always looks funny after the flash goes off

Family Picture-Easter 2011

Jessie and I

Easter Baskets 2011

Dying Eggs with Krenn Family

Landon and Ava

Louis the instructor

Do you like the trash bags as tablecloths? It works!


  1. great pictures! We didn't get a family picture of all four of us today! You and Jess look cute! I was ready to see your Easter pics! Louis told me to tell you that he prefers "Louis the Dictator" over "Louis the instructor". haaaa

  2. Love all of the pics!! =) I want your pretty shiny hair! I'm jealous!! =) Glad you had a wonderful Easter!!!

  3. Love the Bock Fam Easter pics! :) And yes, I do love the trash bags as table cloths. That's what I use when I do painting/craft projects. Also, I updated my last post. Check it out and see if it's to your liking. ;)