Wednesday, April 6, 2011

El P Nights

Our family has started a little tradition that we like to call El P nights. After a busy weekend, Monday always seems to come. Who really feels like cooking on a Monday evening?? I know I don't! We have started declaring Monday evenings as "family nights." It seems like Monday evenings are one of the only nights we don't have too much going on. We cherish those. We love when Dad walks in the door. Liam has started getting so verbal and excited to see his Daddy home for the evening. It's really neat to watch. Nate tends to take the boys downstairs for a bit to wrestle with them while I clean up from the day and put myself back together. I am sure you Mom's know what I am talking about as your hair looks like it hasn't been brushed and you need to freshen up your make-up a bit. We then head out to one of our favorite mexican restaurants called El Puente. I am sure everyone has an "El" something in their city. We used to love El Maguey in Kansas City when we lived there. The Krenn family seems to join us often at El Puente as they have jumped on the Monday tradition as well. Nate is usually down at the "kid" table teaching Weston and Ava sign language with Landon. It's always a funny time. The servers know our order and tend to our picky needs. I am thankful for these little traditions. It just seems to make a Monday evening brighter.

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  1. Louis.."watch out!!!!"
    april.."I wasn't doing anything!!!"