Monday, April 4, 2011

Nate's Job and DNOW

I always get the same two questions from some of my friends outside of my church. Those two questions are, "So, what does your husband do??" and "What does he do all day?" So, I thought I would share this video with you and tell you what he does all day. So watch this video and then continue reading.

So, JUST KIDDING! That is NOT what he does all day! That was a promo video for camp a couple of years ago. Lettuce, anyone?

Nate is a student pastor for 7th-12th graders as well as the worship leader for our modern service called 10:31. He does budget planning, vision casting, planning services, sermon prep, research, etc. We are blessed to have two student associates and an assistant on staff as well. Nate would not survive without the great help from them.

We just had our annual DNOW weekend this past weekend. The speaker was Sam Bhatt and worship was led by Nate Jones/Zack Atchley band. Nate looks forward to this weekend all year long. We were blessed with a lot of students and decisions for Christ. That is what it is all about people. Over the years my role as the "wife" as changed. I went from being a DNOW leader in a host home, to a wife that goes to everything but sleeps in her own bed, to a Mom who watches her kids while her husband spends all weekend away. I am in a "season" of life right now where being the Mommy is the most important. As much as I want to be involved and at everything, I simply can't. I have two little boys needing some attention. I am blessed with great babysitters that come and help out at a moment's notice and relieve me so I can be a part of some of the activities. I have loved seeing lives changed already and am so thankful for DNOW for being the avenue for these changed lives.


  1. that was freaking hilarious!!! haaa where did Nate get that idea!?? I wouldn't have been able to do that without cracking up!! Ava watched and said "is that Nate...?" and then she said "that's funny.."

  2. I know you have such fond memories of being a DNOW leader! :) Especially when certain 7th graders enriched your life with all their drams! ha

  3. Know you will have a special camp ... students will be saying ... please "letus" go to camp! God blesses!

  4. Awesome! You are a great mom. What is DNOW?

  5. Oh, the lettuce videos... :) You have such a huge ministry in supporting your husband, discipling girls, and dealing with a crazy girls associate. Never underestimate your influence just because your role and priorities may shift around. You're a wonderful mom, wife, and mentor. xo