Monday, October 24, 2011

Successful Therapy

I have had several emails requesting I talk about Landon's therapy session over his behavior.

In the past couple of weeks, Landon has been displaying "screaming" when he wouldn't get his way, needed attention, or was trying to communicate but couldn't get the words out that he needed. As much as that makes me sad that he couldn't communicate, it irritated the heck out of us! Nate and I were at a loss. We knew we needed an intervention. I talked in detail to his private speech therapist, Katie about this. She came up with some things to put into place. Have I mentioned she is one of the best therapists ever?

Here are the steps to Positive Behavior Support:

1. Consider the function of the behavior. If it's attention, ignore it, etc.
2. Be proactive-BEFORE problem behavior occurs.
3. Preventative-Make changes to the environment.
4. Teach a more appropriate skill that meets the same or similar function. (Replacement behavior.)
5. Change behavior of both the child and adult.

Katie made a social story with pictures and detailed it to Landon about his screaming. It was perfect!! His wheels were turning in his head and it clicked! Since we have implemented this new support, he hasn't screamed one time. I can't believe it. It's like a totally different child.
The visuals will show you what we are doing. We are so thankful and finally feel like we are making strides in this area. Social stories are great for typically developing children too! Liam loved it!

Sometimes I hear people scream and sometimes I scream too.

My teachers are sad when I scream. It makes Mom and Dad sad too. Liam does not like it when I scream and neither do my friends. Screaming is a sad choice.

I am not allowed to scream.

When I choose no screaming, it makes my teachers happy. It makes Mom and Dad happy too and it makes Liam and my friends feel good.

When I choose no screaming, I get to go to places I like. (church, school, with friends, El Puente for chips and salsa, and parties.)

No screaming is a good choice.

When I choose no screaming I get to have things I like. (Ice cream, donuts, computer times, candy, and toys.)

No screaming is a good choice.

A little visual to take places with us.

Another visual to take with us.


  1. Love it! I am totally going to do one of those key chains, that's what I need!!

  2. I can't believe you posted all that! I'm blushing :) Landon is one of the hardest working boys I know and he is such a people pleaser...two amazing qualities. I love him and would do anything for him (and you!) Hugs!

  3. This is wonderful. I wonder if you have this available for printing. My son (he has PDD NOS) has been having screaming fits that are a real challenge right now. I will try to replicate what you have, but this would be wonderful.