Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Not a Wordless Wednesday

Liam and I had such a great day today! We enjoyed each others company and it was so nice to be with my little man. He is 17 months and getting way too big. He is signing and saying so many words. Unbelievable!

We started off the day by taking Landon to school. We hit the gym on the way home so I could get a quick workout in. After working out, we came home and got ready for lunch. We went to Big Whiskey's today to celebrate our friend James birthday. He just turned 30! So young! The whole student staff went and had a blast. It's nice to serve with people you love. After lunch, Liam and I came home for his nap time. I got a bunch of things accomplished. After nap time we went and picked Landon up from school and went by the church to see Nate. After that we headed home for dinner before church tonight. I had a creative team meeting for our new modern church services. We have some neat things coming up!

Happy Fall Ya'll!

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