Tuesday, November 1, 2011

STL BFF Weekend

Growing up in St. Louis is very dear to my heart. I love the city life and enjoy the many opportunities it provides. We had the chance to go to STL last weekend kid free so we took the opportunity! It just happened that we were there during the final game of the World Series. It was so neat to be in the Cardinal world. We enjoyed dinner with my Mom and then headed over to Pete and Bonnie's house for the game. Bonnie and I have been best friends since 6th grade. I will never forget when she moved to STL from Connecticut. She was a pretty red haired girl with freckles. She always hated to be out in the sun and I loved it! We have many memories together as we were glued to the hip all the way through college. Our high school memories were unforgettable and probably my favorite. We went to different high schools but went to church together. My boyfriend in high school went to the same high school as she did so that meant I basically was at everything she was. Football games, Prom, Homecoming, etc. She was one of those friends that knew everything about me. It was probably the closest to what the Lord knows about me. Ha! We have good memories together and some memories that we both need to forget and won't mention. Bonnie is one of the Godliness, patient, caring, loving, sincere people I know. She puts others before herself and is trying to live for the Lord in everything she does. She has been there for me during a major high school break-up, stupid mistakes, junior high and high school drama, leaving for college, advice, marriage, infertility, the birth of my boys, and many other things. I know I can always be myself no matter what the situation is. She is one great girl and I am so thankful for our husbands that allow us to spend the time together. I might mention that our husbands enjoy each other too. Nate is always wanting to live right next door to them. Maybe in our retirement days.

The Schwartz family!

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