Thursday, September 22, 2011


Remember when I recommended going over to happenings of our home and entering into a giveaway? Well, guess who won? I won an adorable "Fall" sign made out of burlap. She is so creative and fun! She even has her own "craft room." Holly is a friend of mine from Kansas City. Her husband Jared and I worked together at Hallmark Cards, Inc. when Nate and I lived in Kansas City. Check out her blog and leave a comment! Thank you Holly! I love it!

Landon is out of school tomorrow. The three boys will be spending the day together getting haircuts, playing outside at the park, and maybe a picnic. I have aerobics, work, and lunch with a friend. Also, I want to continue my search for more jeans. Do any of you have a favorite brand/store you buy? Please share!!

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