Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Little Eating and Shopping

Last Friday evening Nate and I decided at the last minute to get a babysitter to come play with Landon. He loves the one on one attention so we do that for him often. We put Liam in the car with us and headed to Outback Steakhouse. We both enjoyed a steak, (which we never eat) baked potato, and salad. Liam enjoyed the pumpernickel bread they give you with your salad! It is always weird for us to only have one child with us while we are out, but it's so much easier than two. I used to think it was extremely difficult with just one, but I didn't know how hard two is at this particular stage.

After dinner we headed to Kohl's where I had a 30% coupon! I am not a real big Kohl's fan but they have a few things I like. We got the boys Easter presents while we were there and enjoyed strolling Liam all around. He tried to get out of the stroller/cart a couple of times. What a ham! I didn't get too many pictures but here are a couple. Happy Tuesday to you! My house is filled with the smell of brisket. It's my first ever brisket I have cooked! If it's a hit, I will post the recipe tomorrow.


  1. I agree with April! Brisket pics and recipe too! :)
    Also, did you find anything good at Kohl's? I was thinking of looking for an Easter outfit there..

  2. Jess-I did find a few things at Kohl's including a two dresses for Easter. I can't decide which one I like so I bought both. Might want to check with me before purchasing unless you want to be twins. :-)