Thursday, March 3, 2011

Date Night Gone Good

Last Friday night we had the opportunity to have date night. As for most parents, this doesn't happen too often. We don't have family that lives close, so we count on our fabulous babysitters. We are so blessed with great ones!

We started the evening with dinner at one of our favorite local places called Haruno. It's mainly a sushi place but they have other things as well. It's not really a place to take your kids, so we try to frequent this place without our kiddos. After dinner I told Nate we could go to one of his favorite stores. Yes, you guessed it....Springfield Music. Nate LOVES guitars and will talk anyone's ears off with "guitar talk." He showed me his guitar that he drools over every time he visits the store. We went into a practice room so that he could let me listen to how good it sounded. We had fun goofing around and being relaxed together. After our date I felt so refreshed. It's amazing what a few hours can do for a Mom's health. It was very much needed and I am already looking forward to our next one together. Love spending time with my husband.

Sushi Roll

Nate and I at dinner

Nate playing

This is me being serenaded by my husband. :-)


  1. Love it! That sushi looks awesome! So glad you guys got a date night!

  2. Always good to have an evening together. I do not remember Nate liking sushi...have some memories about him eating it one time! You guys are wonderful! love you

  3. Good Food, fun and music included! Thanks for sharing!!