Sunday, November 13, 2011


Favoritism. It's such an awful word in my definition. We fall into the problem of favoritism by a person's looks, their clothes, their profession, possessions, life style, education, money. We treat people different based upon those considerations.

To be honest, I have never struggled with this much. I am not trying to sound perfect, but it's the truth. I have always been the girl to love all types of people. After getting married that love for people grew because I saw it in my husband. Nate has always been the one to gravitate to the "odd" people. He has really taught me a lot about finding the greatness in a person. His heart has always been loving and kind to all types of people.

"True believers respond properly to one another without favoritism." The pattern of our lives as it's stated in Philippians 2:2 is to have the same love. That is to love everyone the same, with no regard for who they are in terms of worldly circumstances. Because we bear the Lord's name, because we are to exhibit His attributes, it is essential that we exist within the church in relationships with one another to have no favoritism, no partiality. We are to have a love which does not discriminate but it acts in mercy to anyone in need, no matter what their social status, no matter what may be those things which in the world's eyes might put them to a lower level than someone else. And that is a mark of saving faith.

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  1. crazy that our posts were so similar : ) great minds think alike huh?