Thursday, January 5, 2012

Is it really 2012?

What are your New Years resolutions? If you are like me, you didn't make any. I always found it pointless to start making lists of resolutions. If you are going to start something, start it today! Don't wait. It has been funny to see all the Facebook status's about people starting a new exercise program, eating healthy, etc. It's a complete lifestyle change you have to mentally make. I hope everyone can keep the resolutions in February. Going to the gym on Tuesday was funny. The parking lot was packed and people had to park across the street. Again, that crowd will probably die down in February/March.

I started an exercise routine about 14 months ago. I have always been "active" in my lifestyle but would get bored very easily. I have finally found something that I don't get bored with. I attend a step circuit/toning class on MWF and a Hi/Lo Aerobics class on T/TH. I enjoy the way I feel afterwards. It's a great calorie burn that leaves you burning an average of 500 calories. I have toned and lost inches since I have started. I am on a mission to cut some unnecessary eating out of my day. I have been telling my husband that I have been working out to eat lately! That's not good. The mentality of my exercising has drastically changed over the years. I no longer workout to look good, but to simply take care of my heart, blood pressure, and weight gain. I want to be the best Mom, wife, etc. I can. All of that takes energy and good health.

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