Sunday, January 8, 2012

Books, Babies, and Budgets.

A couple of days ago I skipped the gym and headed to the library with the Copeland girls. We have a great library here called The Library Center. It has a coffee shop, a gift store, a big children's section, etc. The kids had fun pulling out the books and looking at them. It's something fun to do in the winter months. Later that day, we played outside. What's wrong with that picture? I love it!

Mya, Anabelle, and Liam

Last weekend I attended a baby shower for my friend Erika. Erika used to work for Nate and her husband was one of our former students. They recently lived in Australia where Brian attended Hillsong. He is now a worship pastor in Kansas City. This is their first baby and it is a boy. They are naming him Axel. It was fun to celebrate with them and see all the fun things she got!

The Mom-to-be

Jessie, Erika, me, and LeighAnna

I recently made a few changes to our annual Bock family budget. These are never fun but so necessary. We follow the plan of Dave Ramsey and try to stick to cash as much as we can. It seems like a "game" in my head, but it works for us. When using his budget worksheets you see where every single dollar goes. It's amazing. We did have to raise our grocery budget as we have two growing boys that can eat! WOW!

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