Monday, December 12, 2011

New Babies, Book Exchange, and Lunch Date

I had three of my friends here in Springfield have babies on Saturday. So wild! Two boys and one girl. Yesterday I made my rounds to two out of the three. One of the babies is in the NICU right now as they are running some tests. Hopefully all will be okay. Please pray for baby Elijah. As I was visiting these sweet, precious babies I got the newborn urge. I couldn't help but think back to Landon and Liam's delivery. Isn't it funny how us Mom's remember everything about that day? It's such a rush of emotions and I will never forget some of those moments. I feel like I remember more with Landon than I do Liam. Maybe because I was way more confident with Liam since I knew what I was doing. Anyways, the urge quickly faded. Thank goodness. :-)

On Saturday, Landon and Liam were invited to a book exchange/birthday party at the Copeland's house. Their oldest daughter Anabelle turned 3. We had to bring a book for the book exchange. Every child went home with a book and that made them happy. What a great idea! This is something I might steal in the future! You can never have too many kid books in your house! We had fun visiting and making Christmas tree ice cream cones and Christmas ball ornaments. After the party, we had a quiet family night at home. We had pizza, watched a movie, and played games. Life is good when we are all home and enjoying family time. The boys were happy Daddy was home this weekend and so was Mommy. :-)

Liam and I had a last minute lunch date today at a local place called Tasia. Liam was such a big boy in his booster seat. We talked about colors, our family, Santa, and Jesus. He is like a sponge right now and soaks everything up. He loves to say new words and I am amazed at his smartness. Am I bragging? Maybe I am, but that's okay. :-)

Me, Cami, Baby Aven, and Blake

The Jenkins Family

Anabelle and Landon crafting!

Nate and sweet Mya (do you think he wants a girl?) :-)

My lunch date.

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