Monday, May 7, 2012

A Birthday to Remember

Liam is two!  I can't believe it.  It really has gone by so quickly.  I remember Liam being born vividly.  He was a month early and was a big baby.  Eight pounds, ten ounces.  Beautiful, big baby.  

The first thing Liam said to me when I got him up on his birthday was "birthday cake!"  I guess he had been dreaming about it.  Nate and I took him to lunch.  Nate bought his own little individual cake.  We sang Happy Birthday very quietly and he blew out the candle.  I remember blowing was so hard for Landon at that age.  I remember putting cotton balls on our table and would practice blowing them across the table. So, to see Liam do that was amazing to me.  Oh, the little things.  

When we got home from lunch the school nurse called.  She said that Landon had fallen off the monkey bars and was hurt.  She couldn't tell if his arm was broken or not.  When Nate went and got him he was just crying and crying.  One of the para professionals was just holding him.  Poor guy.  Nate took him to the ER and after many x-rays it was determined that it was broken.  He gets his permanent cast on tomorrow morning and will have that for six to seven weeks.  Welcome to summer, right? 

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  1. Happy birthday to Liam, and 'awww, poor baby!" for Landon. He does look cute in the cast though. :)