Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Boy is on Spring Break

Landon, my big Kindergartener, is on Spring Break. While the weather hasn't quite cooperated, we have still made many plans. Today he is playing with his friend Brooklynn. They are headed to Jumpin' Joey's and out to lunch while the rain keeps them from playing outside.

Nate took the morning off yesterday and we enjoyed a few hours with him. My boys are all about their Daddy. He can do no wrong in their eyes. It makes my heart completely happy. We made our fruit smoothies and got ready for the day. We didn't tell the boys where we were going as we told them it would be a surprise. Landon kept guessing where we might be going. It was hilarious. I kept asking him where he thought and he of course was naming all of his favorite places. He did guess it but we didn't confirm until we got there. It was Bass Pro! Landon and Liam both love this place and could spend hours and hours there. We look at everything and learn about everything. I think Landon thinks we are going to purchase one of their boats for him someday. Hopefully he won't be too disappointed.

I did accept the PTA president position. It is going to be a stretch for me but I feel like it is the thing for me to do. To be honest after learning about what PTA is, the responsibilities, etc. it made me want to say "heck no!" Nate quickly reminded me what I had been praying about. I had been praying about helping Landon's school in anyway I could. There didn't seem to be any needs at the time until this. Obedience is the word that I am proclaiming right now. So, if you are like me and used to make fun of PTA Moms, think before you speak. You might be one of them someday too.


  1. you are gonna rock at the PTA. I think you need to get some T-shirts made. PTA Rocks. I can already picture all the organized email folders already :).

  2. I am so proud and can't wait to see what you do! I also love the pictures of the boys at Bass Pro! I can't wait to show them to Noah and Titus tomorrow!

  3. I am on the PTA executive board too. First as cultural chair and next year I will be secretary. Can't be president because of time. But I love our PTA! Totally drama free. You will be great because you are so welcoming!