Friday, February 24, 2012


Where to begin?

We have enjoyed some fun times lately as a family. Last weekend, Nate was asked to speak at a student DNOW weekend in St. Louis. We decided to go as a family and stay with my parents. While Nate was slaving away, Gigi spoiled me and the boys. We went to Chesterfield Mall and rode the carousel and ate at The Cheesecake Factory. I always enjoy the Luau salad. So yummy. The boys were very well behaved and thought they were big stuff riding in Gigi's new car. I am so thankful for the wonderful grandparents the boys have. Grandparents were very special to me and still are to this day. It is really neat to see the sweet relationship.

Liam has been under the weather so I finally made him an appointment to see the doctor today. Turns out he has bronchitis. :-( Nothing Amoxicillin won't cure I hope. He has had that lingering cough for two weeks.

Landon has had a great week at school. I am happy to report he has had three sight word spelling tests and has not missed one yet. I am so proud of him. He has come so far and is very eager to learn. My prayer is that it stays that way. We enjoy practicing our words every night after dinner together.

Tonight we hung out with some of our high school students. We have really missed doing this. Since Nate has been asked to lead worship for our modern service, it really takes away a lot of time with our students. The Lord has been pressing upon my heart to start teaching again. I miss my girls. I miss those relationships. I am continuing to pray through this.

Thanks for letting me ramble. Time to get back on Pinterest. Man, that is addicting.

The spelling words in order are and, can, the, me. He doesn't have the best handwriting. Such a boy.

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